Armonica Film is a video production company in Europe. Discover our prices and ask for a free quote for a video production in Spain

How much does video production cost in Spain? It is difficult to answer this question with a general reply. The cost for video services in Spain obviously depends on many different elements, including location, type of video and number of filming days. Generally speaking, however, we could probably say that a professional video production starting price would be around 5,000 Euros.

At Armonica Film, we only provide high quality, cost effective services. We always guarantee that every single frame shot by us will be the best possible you can have at that price.

To find out the video production cost for a music video, a corporate video, a commercial, a documentary, an event or anything else, please send us an e-mail to Otherwise, you can take some minutes to fill in the following form. This form has been designed to collect the minimum requirements to provide a realistic estimate, avoiding both you and us to lose time in further requests.

We always try to answer to all requests within 12 hours. Thank you.