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Video Production Company in Madrid and Spain

Armonica Film is a video production house working all over Europe. Since 2005, we provide our video production services all over Spain. Our staff includes directors, camera operators, sound engineers, DOPs, writers, producers and editors. We can manage the whole project, from pre production to post production.

Our video production website allows us to offer an easy way to connect to our services. Take a look to discover hundreds of video examples and obtain quick and accurate estimates.





Armonica Film is a video production company providing a wide array of video production services.

Corporate. Armonica Film was founded in 2005 and since then we filmed every kind of working environment for corporate video production. Event video production is another expertise of our team. Specifically, we film exhibitions, congresses, conferences, meetings and any type of event for clients worldwide. Communication and marketing agencies also hire us to shoot commercials. Among our services, we also provide product demonstrations and explainer video production.

Entertainment. Music video production is one of our main services, and we are also available to film live concerts. Moreover, we are active in the fashion field, attending all main fashion events in Europe alongside journalists and fashion influencers. Our team realized style spotting videos for bloggers and media channels, and filmed the runways of some of the most famous bands in this business. In the entertainment field, our crew can also be hired to film any kind of sporting event.

Communications. Our portfolio includes video productions in every field of communication, including documentaries and educational videos, health videos and tourism videos. We are also available with ENG crews for news channels. We supply underwater filming and aerial filming with proper equipment. Finally, the team also includes a post-production department specialized in audio-video editing, graphic design and motion graphics.


Armonica Film Spain is based in Madrid.

We provide our services everywhere in Spain. Our camera crews are available in Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia, Valladolid, Sevilla.

Our years long experience and a diverse team allow us to handle the whole process of a video production, from the pre-production stages to the final edit. We offer facilitation services and filming locations, including permission to shoot when necessary.

The team also include multilingual professionals who can handle international projects with customers coming from all over the world.

For clients interested in a production outside Spain, they can rely on our European offices: Armonica Film Italy, Armonica Film France, Armonica Film Germany and Armonica Film UK.

Since 2017, we are also in the United Arab Emirates with Armonica Film Dubai.

Since 2005 we made hundreds of videos in Spain for our clients from all over the world. Our Video Production Company provides high quality videos at a very competitive price.

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